Articles Selection

The selection of articles for this journal will depend on the scope, focus, and aims of the journal. Here are some potential article topics across different disciplines to consider for JNAMP. Feel free to adapt them based on the specific focus and scope of the journal:

  1. Mathematical Sciences:
    • Pure and Applied Mathematics
    • Statistics, Geometry and Probability
    • Mathematical Physics and Mathematical Logic
  2. Physics and Astronomy:
    • Advancements in Quantum Computing: Challenges and Opportunities
    • Observing Cosmic Phenomena: Recent Developments in Astrophysics
    • Innovations in Materials Science for Future Technologies
  3. Engineering and Robotics:
    • Autonomous Systems and Robotics: Applications in Various Industries
    • Smart Cities: Integrating Technology for Urban Development
    • Biomechanics and Bioengineering: Enhancing Human Performance