Author Guidelines for JNAMP

Click here to download the Official Template.

Welcome to JNAMP, a platform for scholarly contributions in Mathematical Sciences and Engineering. We appreciate your interest in submitting your work to our journal. To facilitate a smooth submission and review process, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Manuscript Preparation:
  • Formatting:Ensure that your manuscript adheres to the requirements specified in our template, available for download on our website. Maintain uniformity in the size of the font, margins, and space between lines.
  • Length:Manuscripts should be concise while providing comprehensive coverage of the research. Please refer to the specific word limit outlined in our submission guidelines.
  1. Manuscript Components:
  • Title:Create a concise title that accurately captures the core of your work.
  • Abstract:Include a structured abstract that summarizes the objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of your study.
  • Keywords:Provide a list of keywords that encapsulate the main themes of your manuscript.
  • Figures and Tables:Ensure the inclusion of high-quality figures and tables accompanied by concise and unambiguous captions. Ensure accurate and appropriate citation inside the content.
  1. Manuscript Structure:
  • Introduction:Clearly state the background, objectives, and significance of your research.
  • Methods:Provide detailed information on your research design, participants, materials, and procedures.
  • Results:Present your findings objectively, using figures and tables as needed.
  • Discussion:Analyze your findings, examine their significance, and establish connections with prior research.
  • Conclusion:Summarize the main findings and their broader implications.
  1. Citations and References:
  • Citations:Follow a specified citation style (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago), as detailed in our submission guidelines.
  • References:Alphabetically list all cited works with accurate and complete details.
  1. Ethical Considerations:
  • Plagiarism:Adhere to ethical standards by avoiding plagiarism. Properly cite and reference all sources.
  • Ethical Approval:If applicable, provide details of ethical approval obtained for human or animal research.
  1. Submission Process:
  • Online Submission:Submit your manuscript through our online submission system, available on the journal's website.
  • Cover Letter:Include a cover letter explaining the significance and originality of your work.
  1. Peer Review Process:
  • Blind Review:Our journal employs a double-blind peer-review process. Remove author details for anonymous review.
  • Response to Reviewers:Address all comments and suggestions made by reviewers in a detailed response letter.
  1. Copyright and Licensing:
  • Copyright Transfer:Authors must transfer copyright to JNAMP upon acceptance for publication.
  • Open Access:Consider whether you want your work to be published as open access and adhere to relevant policies.
  1. Article Publication Charge

The Journal of the Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics (JNAMP) is an open-access publication, which means that authors are required to submit their articles as gold open access under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. In order to choose this option, you must pay a fee of 35,000 Naira (100 USD).

  1. Contact Information:
  • Provide complete contact information for all authors, including affiliations and email addresses.

By submitting your manuscript to JNAMP, you confirm that you have read and agree to comply with these author guidelines.